Aqueity Shield will defend your business and its reputation.

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The Aqueity Shield was created with mid-size and growth businesses in mind. For a simple monthly fee, the Aqueity Shield will defend your business and its reputation. When it comes to security incidents it is a matter of “when” not “if”. With an increasing volume of threats and more sophisticated attacks, every company is a target. Identifying, mitigating, and addressing threats is critical to safeguarding your business. Incidents can quickly escalate resulting in downtime, substantial expenses and negative customer impact. Aqueity’s Shield is tailored to your situation and combines our subject matter expertise with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your security posture.

The Aqueity Shield is tailored to meet your needs:

Security Operations Center

What we offer

  • 24 x 7x 365 Monitoring
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Email Security
  • Office 365 application security
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Employee security training (phishing, etc.)
  • vCISO on Demand
  • Annual security Roadmap
  • Vulnerability Scan(s)
  • Assessments
  • Incident response plan

How we do IT

  • Information security analysts who monitor the threat landscape constantly
  • Continual scanning of your workstations/servers
  • Deploy Artificial Intelligence based tools to block threats
  • O365 analysis & protection
  • InfoSec Director to build your Roadmap with recommendations to address any gaps


  • Around the clock – 24X7 – support designed to reduce downtime, increase employee productivity, and maximize security
  • Increased security for your data, protecting your clients, vendors, and employees
  • Compliancy with cybersecurity insurance requirements


Let our staff create a custom plan for your security needs

Protection for before a crisis

target audience for
greater security

Who is the Aqueity Shield designed for? Chicagoland companies who are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Avoiding the cost and time it takes to build out an entire cyber security team
  • Protecting assets, employees and customers
  • Securing sensitive information and data
  • Complying with a number of rules, regulations and contractual commitments
  • Shoring up gaps that the current IT team may have as it relates to security
  • Establishing predictable costs with expected results
  • Understanding the threats and risks so a proper plan can be built to mitigate your concerns
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Our staff is excited to create
a custom solution for you.