Our “Shared Vision” allows Aqueity to integrate into your IT plans.

Shared IT Services

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For a monthly fee, Aqueity delivers your customized IT services.

Aqueity easily integrates
into your IT plans

Many companies have part of the puzzle already figured out and just need the last piece to be put in place.

Aqueity’s people, process and solutions can be woven into your organization to enable you to deliver the IT results your company expects.

Together we can create a solution that fits your needs.

Aqueity’s Unified Vision

What we offer

  • Call Center
  • Help Desk
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Security Operations (SOC)
  • OnDemand Resources
  • 24X7X365 support
  • vFirewall Rule and Policy Audit

How we Do IT

  • Establish scope of activities with agreed upon service levels
  • Transparency into tickets and activities
  • Integrate into your IT operations
  • Strategic Business Reviews used to track progress and course-correct


  • Tap into Aqueity’s expertise without the expense of building out enterprise IT capabilities
  • Flex up or down based on your IT needs
  • Deploy your existing IT resources to their greatest effect
  • Reduce risk of unplanned, unbudgeted costs

Our staff can help to enhance your business’s IT capabilities

Who is Shared Vision
right for?

Chicagoland companies looking for one or more of the following:

  • Desire to outsource a portion of your IT activities
  • Predictable costs with expected service levels
  • Redundancy and insurance for staff turnover
  • An IT partner that can easily integrate into your company culture and can work well with your existing IT staff
  • A provider that is willing and able to follow your procedures and processes
  • Executive level insights when input is needed for big decisions
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Our staff is excited to create
a custom solution for you.